How to Care for a Dog in Heat


Usually, his first prostitution, or heat, takes place between 6 and 12 months, and the most frequent between 8 and 10 months. Mating will produce litter at this age, but since it is immature, it is important to be wary of this potential. Bitches usually return to the season every six months. Some rutting seasons like every four months or less. If you’re not a serious breeder, the best thing for a bitch is to spray them before they reach sexual maturity, according to PetMD. If you do not sterilize them, you must provide them with special care for a better month, two or three times a year.

Step 1
Pay attention to the first signs that your dog has entered the heat. The heat period lasts about 21 days. During the first eleven days, the female will first show a red discharge that may not be very visible at first, and you may miss it if you do not look at it. The discharge gradually becomes pink then creamy. The female attracts the males, but they will not accept them to reproduce during the prostate.

2nd step
Keep your dog in confined heat safely at home. If possible, put it in a cage, stray dogs may be hung at home. Do not leave the dog in the yard. Male dogs will go largely to reach the female in season. When the woman has to go out, hold her on the handlebars.

Step 3
Put the dog to heat to protect the blood from household surfaces. The amount and color of discharge will decrease with each consecutive day. Although the prostate usually lasts 11 days, it can range from 8 to 13 years old. The woman will not accept a male during this period, but when she is finished, she will accept it.

Step 4
Keep the dog more cautiously in the same slow phase, which usually occurs around 10 or 11 days and lasts about 18 days. This is the permanent thermal phase of the cycle, where the female is receptive to reproduction. Note that the vulva is swollen but not rigid. The discharge is unclear and has a straw color. You should be aware of these signs as they can occur much earlier than the 11-day average for some women and later for others. If you are raised by mistake, you can safely assume that they will give birth after about two months.

Step 5
Continue to be vigilant after the 18th day until you are absolutely certain that your female is in heat and will block any male progress. Day 18 is the average time it takes, but it varies a lot.

Step 6
Consider sterilizing your dog after her first heat. You will spend two to three months a year on alert and uncomfortable, and you can virtually eliminate many potential health problems for your pet, such as breast tumors and uterine infections. You and your pets will pay more attention, and you will also avoid contributing to the tragedy of the increase in the number of pets.